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Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
Damn man you can def get 315. My max is 345 and I'm a vagina compared to you lol. I do think that your 5rep sets would kill mine though. I'm going for 270x5 on friday and think I'd be dead with 25 reps of that.
Haha! I'm just trying reach a satisfactory weight and get to where many of you guys are. I've been a vagina for years......scared of the dead lift, so I avoided it like the plague (..but I attacked the squat ferociously). Now that I've placed focus on it, I absolutely love the movement and get riddled with anxiety until I can dead lift again. Now I have to wait until next Monday. I feel like I'm progressing pretty well, but I think a lot of that is attributed to my squat.

Originally Posted by dabears View Post
I think for most people after the 300 range you start getting into strap territory due to grip strength. I'm assuming you've tried all the different sort of grips, alternating overhand/underhand works best for me.

I can only do 2 sets max of my 90% 1RM range... the dizziness and fatigue start to set in way too much after that point, and it just feels wrong.
I've tried the overhand grip and the alternating grip, but I've decided to stick with overhand - despite prefering the feel of OH/UH - to protect from potential bicep tears once the weight gets heavy. As of right now my grip is still strong at 300 lbs., so I won't pull out the straps............yet!
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