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Originally Posted by SeanC View Post
^Calm down. And yes, you claim to be the expert on everything when all I'm doing is trying to understand things better. And when I'm wrong, and I said this again and again, I don't mind publicly apologizing. After all, what's wrong with that? Apparently for you, it's your pride. Take it easy a little. Not everything's that serious on the internet.

When I challenge the current knowledge of the matters, you take it all personal. And with posts calling people out and using words like "schooling", etc. you really show your real age. Grow a pair.

I asked you a simple thing to do, and I was not expecting to put your car on ramps right away, but you could have at least responded positively, which you haven't done. Instead, when Terra posted pictures, you were so happy and you acted like a kid. Truth of the matter was, I'd already known about those pictures, however wanted to see more. Who knows what has been done to those cars' racks?

The extent of your knowledge about e46, or cars in general as you put it, does not go beyond recommending an entire cooling system change when an O-ring might be the issue. Apparently you do not have the knowledge, nor experience to do a proper diagnosis. What's the point of forums then? And what's next with your logic? Are you going to recommend replacing the entire car when it's bumper falls down?

Also, great job with goingnuts comment.
Someone's mad

You asked two days ago. On that same day I said I would take a picture. Two days later you point the finger and say "YOU DIDN'T POST PICTURES OF UR RACK!!"

If all it took was to do a simple google search to answer your questions, then why couldn't you do that?

From the beginning, I said this information has been discussed for YEARS across various forums. You're a little late to the party.
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