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Originally Posted by lsteg View Post
After recently doing an oil change I had my car in the air and noticed I could grab the front drivers side wheel and was able to wiggle it a little bit. Obviously there shouldn't be this much play in the wheel and started to think that it was because of my FCAB's needing replaced.

In my searching I found myself asking if I needed to replace just the bushing or the actual control arm as well? I'm assuming it would be smart to do both sides at once?

I found these and will probably buy them since the vibration I get in my steering wheel (only when turning to the right at high speeds) is getting bad enough that I need to address it. Any knowledge or help is greatly appreciated. Hopefully I covered everything enough but if not I can fill in the blanks if need be.
Replaced mine last week. Just the big bushes not the whole assembly. Car was pulling to the left and tramlining a bit. Cured the problem. When the control arm bushes wear the steering geometry changes the faster you go and can lead to an increase in the toe-out of the front wheels (and toe-in at low speed) which, in turn, causes wheel wobble. When you say "grab the front drivers side wheel and was able to wiggle it a little bit" I would suspect track rod ends (item 7 * 2 in link pic) rather than CABs but they are not that difficult to replace, although the adjusting nuts (Item 8 * 2 in link pic) can be a bit stubborn so you might need to heat them up to crack them off. Of course the wobble from the worn CABs can cause the track rod ends to wear rapidly so I wouldn't be surprised. I suggest you change the CABs and see how she is after that. BTW. DON'T GET UNDER THE CAR UNLESS ITS ON STANDS.


Here's a guy doing the job.

A lot easier when you are standing up than when you are on your back I know but it is doable. This guy uses a special tool to push the old ones off. You can also use a three legged bearing puller to pull them off instead. This car is a Z4. Mines an SE Coupe and there is a brace that gets in the way of the CAB bolts which you have to remove but that's no big deal. The rest is pretty much as you see.

Here's another one This is probably a more familiar scenario to most of us who don't have a hydraulic lift.

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