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Originally Posted by brew View Post
I think people are excited about the FR-S because after 20 years of cars just getting bigger and bigger and heavier and heavier - and RWD becoming exceptionally rare in entry level cars, Toyota an Subaru are finally saying "hey, we're gonna make small, fun, light, sporty cars again - with RWD and LSD". And hopefully that catches on with other makers. It's like the BMW M1 - I don't particularly want one, but it gives me hope that BMW isn't completely lost.

Originally Posted by M3Inline6 View Post
I agree. A nicely engineered chassis with RWD and an LSD for sub-$25k is awesome. That's the reason why the Miata is still the road course favorite. Add a little power and you're off!
Originally Posted by Rhumb View Post
I agree with this a lot.

People have been griping how cars have become so big, fat, heavy, complex, overpowered, thirsty, clumsy and expensive.

Finally, somebody comes out wiht a small, trim, light, simple, efficient, nimble and affordable RWD sports car and people immediately start whining because it's won't fit four overweight linebackers and two-weeks worth of luggage, has less than 600hp, won't crack 185mph, doesn't have everthing including a power map pocket, or all the features of a Rolls Royce, and costs more than $15K.

Wake up, the car is what it is and does what it's supposed to do brilliantly. Sure, maybe a few more hp might be nice, but hardly necessary much less disqualifying.

Thank god.

The BRZ is not about being fast in a straight line or even really being fast in general. It's about going back to a small light sports car with a low CG; a car that that is light, RWD, and has a LSD, that will engage and teach the driver. That's what makes true drivers cars fun. I'm sure a Mustang could smoke it on in a straight line, but it doesn't matter. There's no other new car like this on the market until you hit around $50k+ like an Elise or a Boxster.

Could it use more power? Definitely. Is a turbo the right way to do it? No, it will change the personality of the car. I bet with most of the turbo kits out there you aren't hitting full boost until at least 3-3.5k RPM. Even if you keep the RPMs up above that, you lose the crisp throttle modulation characteristics that makes a NA engine work so well in a car like this, thereby ruining an essential component to what makes the car so great in the first place.

However, a supercharger could work well with providing more power and maintaining the characteristics of the car, as long as heat management was addressed appropriately.
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