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Originally Posted by DeclanM3 View Post
I totally get where you're coming from but I recently bought an exact same specified 2002 m3 with 103,xxxkms on the clock for 30k less. You have to consider how easy it is to wind back the KMs on these vehicles and whether or not that's a true 24,000kms. I'm also of the belief that if you do own a car like this and only drive it occasionally it's more likely to be at the track or spirited driving on the street (owners always BS) as oppose to highway etc.

You can get very good condition 03+ M3's with under 100,000kms for under 45k. Spend a couple of grand replacing all the bushes, bearings & fluids etc. and you'll have a car that drives very similar to the one with 25,000kms on the clock for a fraction of the price.

It's also worth checking the service intervals on low KM cars. If they did it based on KMS it would've only had 2 services. If they did it on time it really should've had at least 6. Could potentially make a big difference depending on how it's been driven.
Look how many problems you have had though. Your car has been off the road for nearly 3 months and i bet the money you have spent to get it back on the road has pushed it close to the 60k mark....?

50-60k for a working 2002 M3 with 103,000kms+
60-65K for a 2006 M3 with 25,000kms.......

Honestly i think its a great buy for around 60k. If you are a genuine E46fanatic then this car is for you.
What's 50 grand to a ma'fkr like me? Can you please remind me.

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