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Dynavin australia warning

HI Guys

I recently purchased a Dynavin Android back in May. I wanted to share my bad experience with as many people that I possibly could. I've already shared it with several others on e46 forum. I noted the opinon of other users to make sure I wasn't being an absolute princess. I like to think I'm a fair and sane consumer and it seemed others agreed.

My Dynavin arrived in late May. After several enquires on the INCARMEDIA website I chose to buy it of Raimond Vitiello as he threw in reverse camera to conclude a deal. I'd tried phoning several timse when enquiring, however the only time they phoned me back was when I had the credit card in hand to make payment. (No surprises there).

Once the System was installed my friend and I were amazed at what it could do. However all of a sudden the I-pod cover photographs stopped working. My friend being a bit of a wiz kid started checking all the software, certain apps were failing to run and open. Than we tried to connect to the internet to download apps. The system scanned,authenticated and than nothing. Apparantly this is a common issue with these systems and they can be easily bugged.

Raimond prompted me through checking the unit and when that failed I took it to my I.T guys that do work for our business. They couldn't get it to work either. Raimonds immediate reluctance to believe it was the systems fault was noticed straight away as he sent back short emails and kept suggesting other things, When I told him that it hadn't worked at 5 different WIFI spots he finally agreed to take it back. He wouldn't consider looking into the I-pod photos. He informed me that it's past the Systems Capicity. I told him that I paid $990.00 based on the unit being in full working order, I told him the apps were running slow and were hard to open. When he gets it back he doesn't update me until I started sending him emails, In the emails I brought up the ipod photos to which he replied "RHYS- you have bigger problems than i-pod photos). He told me the system was bugged, but its important to note that it's working now so I needn't worry.

Raimond than sends the unit back. This is around mid June now, So the unit gets re-installed and the exact same problems persist. Only this time the steering wheel cables aren't working properly

When I express my frustration to Raimond he pretty much tells me "Too bad, we've done all we can". He told me that he wasted 8 hours of his time running tests on the unit and it tested up fine so It must be my fault or the fault of the installers.

I could'nt believe what I was hearing!. I didn't know what to do. Then I decided to film me using the unit and send it to him. Once sent to him he replies, "This must be so frustrating, Please send it back to us and we'll fix it". I sent the unit back and he starts replying, "You've opened the box so your warranty is voided". At first I had no idea what he meant by that and wondered how it was possibly that if you take a product out of a box your warranty is voided. Then when he sent it back on closer examination I noticed the tear shreds were ripped and it looked like someone had tried to place a sharp tool in the back.He told me he took photographs of this and accused me of welding the unit and opening it.

The last email Raimond sent me stated this again and said that there will be no warranty and no refund. This is when I told him that once I got the unit back I would have it tested by an independant car Audio group. The unit came back in the box and when I oppened it at the car audio place the FAKRA cable and the Canbus were missing. Raimonds reply to this is that apparantly there was no cables in the box when I sent it. He also said that he is not liable for my cords and they would have been lost in the mail. Interesting considering everything was posted in the same box.

So all up

- I'm down over $1000.00
- Warranty was not honoured
- INCARMEDIA tampered with my unit to void warranty.

So what have I done since....

I've contacted Dynavin in China. 3 emails, no reply. I than called them yesterday and spoke to someone. They couldn't speak the best english but said to email her and she will contact the new owners. What I wanted to find out is if INCARMEDIA are actually even a certified warranty repairer. Meaning, should they have posted my unit direct to Dynavin in China.

The last contact I had with them were the now new owners. Yes Raimond sold the business, no wonder he didn't care. The new owners attitude stinks, They told me it's not their problem, they also accused me of tampering with the system and told me to basically rack off. I've screen shotted their emails, you can have alook at the link below and what I posted on E46 Forums.
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