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Originally Posted by steve.k View Post
The only thing that scares me are other drivers who have no conception about driving what so ever. The ones that are looking straight ahead with no idea of what's happening around them... Yesterday i was driving through a double lane roundabout and this douchebag in a range rover infront of me (very close) but in the next lane pretty much cut right through my lane going straight. I didn't let it get to me as you have to feel sorry for these idiots that have no idea. Further up ahead was a car trying to park and the idiot in the range rover cut me the fvck off with no blinker or nothing to get around it, and still had the audacity to slow right down and stare at me after i got on the horn.... its these F*CKWITS that cause accidents with riders and the stupidity of those around me is what i am most afraid of.

I have actually considered buying a track bike to keep me satisfied just cause i don't trust other drivers on the road.
Originally Posted by timbo2loose View Post
The VTR is perfect for cruising, the torque means you don't have to work the gear box all the time(unless you want to do some spirit'd riding). The sticky situations tend to happen as a course of nature ie: not realising you are in second not first at a set of lights.

Have you thought about a 650 LAMS bike? be careful on the jump from 250 to 1000.
Originally Posted by steve.k View Post
I do like the VTR. It reminds me of my dads Cagiva Raptor. I have thought of a 650 lams bike or something around that sort of power.. I love the Kawasaki ER-6nL, but most of them are upwards of 8k and i think that is getting abit pricey for a first bike.

I haven't ridden anything more powerful than a Yamaha WR450 and i was surprised at the power of that. I couldn't imagine the power of a 1000 supersport. I will definitely do riding courses once i reach that stage though.
Originally Posted by trive2 View Post
Yup, I try to be a good driver but it just scares me that at some stage I'm going to unintentionally be your Range Rover driver

Unless you're riding a push bike on the road Then you're fair game

Anyone got a good idea of a trail bike I should look at? Within ten years old, 2-stroke, full-size but for a beginner and less than 2k used.
Dirt Bike id go a KTM 250

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who da F done that?
prestige warehouse or who?
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