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Originally Posted by Hockeyman17 View Post
I did another upper body workout yesterday. Numbers are still slowly improving. I'm getting better at hang cleans, I will post a vid for you to critique my form if I can ever drag a friend out with me. Looking forward to a legs workout tomorrow since I have a few days off sports.

Also, my goal of putting on weight is an epic fail. I'm eating well but not enough. I restarted at 156, currently 153, probably because of all the cardio I do with my hockey and soccer.
Being as active as you are, you need to be eating from 3500-5000 calories a day, depending on the intensity and duration of workouts planned. Its a lot harder to gain mass than it is to lose fat. You should try and stuff your face (with real home cooked food of course) as often as possible... 4-5 HUGE meals a day. Give it a shot for a month, and check the results. What do you have to lose? Not much, but you certainly have muscle and fat to gain... it will be interesting to see how much of each. You will shred the fat gain off in no time, so my suggestion is ... give it a shot. Eating should be uncomfortable, because your body doesn't know exercise is coming and will feel full. Make it even fuller, and you will see positive gains.
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