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Stop driving it. Seriously. Fix the problem before more sh!t breaks.

Originally Posted by Silversixspeed View Post
Stopped yet again to scan the codes, here's what I got this time:
P1342 - Cylinder 1 misfire at start
P1348 - Cylinder 4 misfire at start
P1345 - Cylinder 2 misfire with fuel cutoff
P1346 - Cylinder 3 misfire at start
P1351 - Cylinder 5 misfire with fuel cutoff
P1352 - Cylinder 6 misfire at start
P0300 - Random multiple misfires
My theory now is that this is not an intake or idle valve issue as those manifest as a lean condition. I believe you have a fuel delivery problem. Check fuel pump, fuel filter, and run a bottle of techron through a tank of gas.

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