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Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
IEM (in ear monitor) headphones would probably be best.

let ruben and me know how that goes with your laptop. we can hook you up with something a little more worthy.

dude, BALLER setup! does all of that work with xbox and ps3 too?
Its ps3 compatible but not xbox. The Thrustmasters company makes a ton of setups though. From what ive read this is the best wheel/pedal combination for f1 games and sense i also plan on doing some gt racing it will work with that to.

I tried playing f1 today with the remote on the hardest settings and i just couldnt get the car to work right. I cant wait to try it when i get the wheel. You can set it up to do full qualifing or short and full and short races. I plan on wakin up every saturday and doing a full knock out qualifing and a 2 hour long race. Just as if i was doing the real thing.
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