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Engine, possibly clutch issues?

To anyone who is knowledgeable about clutches on the E46..
Mine grabs fully when it's basically fully out (top of the peddle). So I feel I need to replace it soon.
Andy tells me BMW's have auto adjusting clutches, so it shouldn't do that. And that if it doesn't slip, don't replace it.

The past couple days I've been beating on it a bit, to try and recreate something I've noticed.

When I bring it to redline or close, and shift quick enough, I hear a slight "grind"? noise.
More of sandpaper rubbing against itself, but for a split second. I'm assuming it's my clutch slipping at that point due to the high RPM and low life left?

Also, yesterday, I took off out of a turn and noticed I had NO power. Normally first gear takes a second, 2nd gear takes a like 5 seconds.. (Just using the numbers as a reference. Not actual. Obviously.)
But when I took off that time, I was on the floor and not moving. It took like 4-5 seconds for first gear, and like 20 seconds to get out of second.

No idea what happened, it has done this one other time, or so I think. Not sure if I just imagined the other time.

But I was thinking maybe my car went into "limp" mode for a moment?
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