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Originally Posted by cak323i View Post

Appreciate the "walk thru" you provided via "Face Time" last night! Awesome progress my friend!!! Can't wait till this weekend to see everything for myself
Thanks Charlie! Thought you would want to see how I do things for your future project!

Originally Posted by agent050 View Post
Very nice job, Fanatic! Question for you, is the red more like in the pictures or in the video? I have noticed that in the pictures, the red looks more like a cinnamon and in the video, more like a burgundy--both look amazing.

I wanted the cinnamon interior, but I could not find an M3 with it, so I settled for an all black interior. If I decide to dye mine, I will follow every step you have taken so far.

Thank you!
The red is exactly the OEM IMOLA color. It is kinda difficult to show you guys photos because I work on this project after I get home from work which is already night time. I will take photos during the day time on the weekend before I put them in the car so that you can see the true color of the pieces.

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