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ak90 review from an actual US bmw owner e46 ews 3

I know I know. I was just as skeptical as most of you, even as I type this thread up. It sounded too good to be true, and not to mention, there's very little reviews or forum members who have acknowledged that this product works. I have even seen people posting on some other site that they tried this and it didn't work. Perhaps I may be able to help clear things up.

I'm a fairly new member, however, I assure you, I have no affiliations to ak90. I'm an e46 fanatic and I can prove this to you by directing you to my craigslist ad that I have for the san francisco bay area website under auto parts. There, I offer my service to program and code features into peoples system for a very low price. At first, I offered it for free. Although I actually didn't get any requests, which I thought was odd (maybe people thought it was too good to be true and weird someone would do it for free), my girlfriend yelled at me saying I was dumb for offering it for free and that I needed to get paid for my time. So I posted it for $20, which believe it or not I'm flooded with requests. Anyways, I'm a real person and you can feel free to confirm that by finding my ad under craigslist, emailing me for programming, and I'll provide you my number to call me.

Anyways, this isn't a DIY, more like a statement confirming to all us diehard bimmer owners who hate having to know that the only way of getting a key synced up to our ews in order to start it was with the gangster affiliation BMW. I've only been to the dealership a couple times, to get must needed parts in emergency situations. other than that, from the rumors I've heard about them, I hate them, but love their cars. So I'll post some pics showing you the product with my ews. I swear to you that this works.

Oh yeah, for those that said it doesn't work, I would've agreed with you when I attempted this blindly, before finding the manual online (it didn't come with one oddly). After plugging the cable up to that chip thing (MCU?), it didn't recognize my ews. But after staring at my ews for the longest, I couldn't understand why this coating, that looked like gooey oil was on it. Then common sense hit me, it must be a protective coating. No other reason why it would be just smothered on the unit. Then looking at the mcu chip, I thought to myself, what if that coating that can barely be seen coating the metal contacts also prevent metal to metal connections. Taking out my trusted razar blade, I started scraping at the metal contacts (I was a little scared doing so since I prayed it didn't mess my ews up). After taking a deep breath, I plugged it in again and voila! Presto! it recognized it. I then went over the manual, followed instructions and boom! It coded it. I ran straight to a locksmith who advertised that they cut bmw keys and 30 minutes later (after having a little difficulty getting a new key in just right to turn the ignition) it started my car. I scream for joy and cursed all the cursed words I could at BMW (They weren't present to defend themselves). F Yeah! Baby. Us EWS 2/3/4 BMW owners have freed our bonds from their enslaving a@@ mofos! In your face!

I bought my bmw key from eBay (Yeah yeah, I know, some of you also don't approve of ebay but that's where I do my shopping). After price searching, I was iffy on buying a key from china, like many of us. I set some guidelines about this. First, I wanted to make sure they had competitive pricing. 2nd, I wanted to make sure they warranty their product, and had a refund policy. 3rd, I wanted them to be in the US (or as close to me as possible so I can get it quick) so worse case scenario, I could drive there and choke them out for my money back. After an hour or so debating between china's cheap prices and peace of mind, I decided to go with the US seller, which was located in Sparks, Nevada. They had good pricing, $70 and a warranty against all non working keys. I felt safe. Plus I'm sure it wouldn't take me long to get to where they were at if need be. #remoteoverstock was the seller I purchased mine from. Again, I got it in 2 days, it looked new, and I tested it right away (because I just hear so many stories about bunk keys) to make sure the transponder was blank. It was. It only took me about 30 minutes to get my key synced to my ews.

so trust me when I say this, buy from a trusted US seller that will guarantee you your money back (that and you can it very quick), and the ak90 works (I also bought this from a seller who guaranteed my money back if it didn't, and they were in continuous contact with me so great customer service. although I bought it from china, I think I got it in 1 day, or was it 2? no more than 2 I know that for sure)

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