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Since the shifter shifts into second and fourth at a downward angle, I had to cut a notch into the back strap so that it would not interfere with the travel while shifting into those gears. Here you can see how the magnet is centered with the mag switch when it is in neutral.

Here the shifter is in gear. Notice how there is not much distance between the magnet and mag switch when it is in gear. . If you do not cut the magnet in half, it is likely that the switch will still see the magnetic field at this distance. With the magnet cut in half, this space is big enough for the switch to close and active our relay, rendering our remote start useless.

Well fellas, that's about it. If I left anything out, feel free to say so or ask any questions. I will take a video of the whole thing in action as soon as I get my car washed, it is filthy right now

I hope you guys enjoyed and it will be of some use to you.
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