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Originally Posted by L3MONz View Post
So how much did you spend on this task overall? I'm kind of iffy about this whole process because knowing me, things like this would usually go wrong
I thought something would go wrong too but it was actually pretty straight forward. Like the other guy said, it takes only minutes to do. My first time it didn't, lol but if I was to do it again, if you don't count the time it takes to remove the ews unit, which doesn't take that long, it does literally take minutes.
Cost wise? Like i said. I paid a little more for peace of mind, being my first purchase for a blank key and the ak90. I wanted to make sure whoever I bought it from would refund my money back if something didn't work. If i was to buy both units again, I'd do the same. You're just never too sure about these very specific and particular pieces of electronics. The uy who said he used ews lite said it was a Chinese clone and it worked. Although mine was from China as well, I don't know if who he bought it from had a return policy. It's up to you how much it's worth it to you for peace of mind.
Oh yeah, lol. Total cost. AK90 with full refund policy and free shipping (got it in 2 days) $115. Bmw blank key diamond shaped remote with full refund policy free shipping (got it in 2 days) $70. Key cut: $30. Total: $215. To explain why I chose to invest so much. I have an ad on craigslist to code keys (now that I can do it as well as code and program). I do it as a hobby but do charge for my time, an average of $20. This device should pay for itself, because I known there's a need for cheaper keys made. If someone really needed a spare key and didn't want to pay a whole lot, I would tell them to get the key without remote. I think you can get it for under $15. I'm sure its cheaper to cut, even though technically the only thing that changed was the remote, which has nothing to do with the key blade, so let's just say $25. Total, $60 I would guess if someone opted me to do it. You can even get things for cheaper. You going the all Chinese route with no refund policy. Had I done that, I would guess the total would be around $175 or less with unknown shipping time. For those only doing this as a 1 time thing, although cheaper than dealership wouldn't be that much cheaper.

Does anybody know how much bmw charges for the remote key service?
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