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Originally Posted by DeclanM3 View Post
Yeah, I've seen one in QLD. Johnie from 5th Gear has actually done it to an M3 in the UK.

The one I saw in QLD was obvious though because it didn't have OEM headlights and IIRC had the short boot handle. There are a heap of small differences between the two models that many people wouldn't change. Look for things like the boot handle, OEM LED tail lights, the center headrest etc.
Surprisingly, he was pretty extensive with the upgrade, everything on the outside and inside was upgraded (Not too sure about under the bonnet, I wasn't interested in the car when he was a bit hesitant about an inspection, couldn;t come up with service history or reciepts for the work), but the handle at the back, the hood, the indicators were all upgraded!

I lurk around these forums quite a bit cause they're very helpful but I was surprised I'd never seen anyone mention this. lol probably because of the time/cost etc...
Just interesting to see
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