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Originally Posted by vilseck21 View Post
I don't contest that. the FDA has allowed so many hormones in our food that it has changed our biology. American men have some of the lowest sperm counts, the general obese population is out of control, Americans bodies are changes to a point that we will have low birthrates, and continued heath problems until such as obesity until the public wakes up and jails the people that alter our food that have cause our bodies so much harm in the name of greed. They put hormones in cows that make them grow fatter, and those hormones make it into us through meat and dairy, thus we get fatter. I envy the nations that stand up against GM crops, and artifically modifying the living food supply.

Obese people only hurt themselves, terrorist like to hurt everybody else, so its not much of a comparison.
I've got ten bucks that says if Americans ate proper food in the proper portions, we would be miles healthier with or without any hormones or chemicals that may or may not be added to food.
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