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Originally Posted by tomoyer View Post
Idle Control Valve was checked and cleaned at same time Throttle Body was Cleaned, when I replaced Oil Separator Valve and its 4 hoses, though not saying it isn't bad. Total of 4 sensors on the XIs, 2 pre-cat and 2 post-cat. Definitely the pre-cat ones were bad, and after replacing them the random misfires of all cylinders went away (been a week now since replacing and clearing codes). However, after 3 days, the codes I mentioned before came back, so: 1) I'm thinking the post-cat O2 Sensors need to be replaced, 2) the DISA should at least be checked. The pre-cat O2 Sensors if not working correctly will lean the fuel/air mixture out and can cause random misfires.
What are the codes? Agreed the pre-cats were bad, but I'm not sure the post cats don't go bad that often.

Reason I ask is that the code will often read, for example, "O2 sensor adaptation limit, bank 1 sensor 2" or something like that.
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