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Got a call from my service advisor today. They claim now that its the charcoal canister based upon further diagnostics. They apparently went to the gas station and verified the problem, came back to the shop and disconnected the vent hose going into the canister and then the car filled no problem.

BUT, they're now claiming that its out of warranty and that my warranty is only a 7/70k. I told them otherwise, showing them the TIS which clearly states the 15/150k warranty which includes the entire tank ventilation system. BMWNA is going to get a call from me tomorrow. I'm not happy one bit and I'm outraged by the fact that I was told on Wednesday that it was a) covered and b) going to be replaced and returned today.

Presented with the TIS, the SA tried looking it up and couldn't access TIS from his computer. As of tonight, the dealership is "researching" it. I'm going to present the issue to BMWNA tomorrow. I'm not happy. At all.

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