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I got belligerently drunk last night.

Found out my girl was getting ready to go to an ABC party (anything but clothes) through her roommate's instagram and seeing my girlfriend's outfit. I flipped shiit.

Girlfriend felt guilty, didn't go.

She has somewhat cut me off emotionally since she left for college, so to show her my frustration I made myself unavailable for a few days (didn't wait around to skype with her before she started pregaming with her friends, started running more to occupy my time, going to bed earlier, ect,) and she gets all upset about it saying I don't care anymore.

The ABC party thing put me over the edge. I didn't even care what she was wearing (bra, panties, covered with duct tape and saran wrap) or that she was going to a rush party. It was the way I had to find out (12 am through an instagram post while I was hammered at this point) and the fact that we had talked earlier and she didn't make any mention of it while she was at Target with one of her floormates. She mentioned getting slime and a gift for me for bar stool, and I said "Oh, what's the slime for, a theme party tonight or something?" She said no... didn't mention the REAL theme party she was planning on going to.

It was just annoying, I told her to just be more honest and considerate next time. I told her I can't tell her to NOT go to parties or what to wear, but I would appreciate her at least knowing my opinions/concerns about certain things.

I was in a similar situation with my ex girlfriend (freshman year of college) and my girl now actually wants this to work, while my ex could really care less about our relationship and was more concerned about making friends and partying.

She even showed a picture of her outfit to her mom this morning and her mom agreed it was a cool outfit/idea but no really fair to be parading around in something like that while you're in a relationship. I love this girl more than anything. She just needs to understand boundaries and to just be open with me. Shiit, she doesn't let me go to strip clubs because she says its inappropriate... and I don't say a word about it. So practice what you preach.

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