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My Ride: 02' 325xit
Another one coming right up.

Just bought a 02' 325 Xit and guess what? It's getting the same treatment. My big question. How does it drive. No retarded remarks PLEASE. I drive a highly tuned Honda S2000 for track days. On the street I want to drive the speed limit and in something that will help me keep my license. (Just sold My 2010 stage 3 STI not stanced or lowered street monster and well Ill let you know if I get to keep my license next year) regardless I sold that and bought the Xit I need a car that's comfortable, stylish, and dead sexy. All the people making rude hurtful comments can at least take some comfort knowing that I love the car as much as you love yours. Hell an M3 has a pretty sweet stance from the factory.

So, How does it drive?
Did you have to strengthen anything?
Has anyone run V3's and cranked them down to soft?

Enter sarcasm,
Has the whole suspension completely fallen apart?
Did the car need to be crushed after it failed a VI?
Did you nail some cute blond in the back seat on that fine German leather?
Did she comment on how sexy your car looks now!

My CV boots are toast already so they will be changed, stretched, and clamped as per recommendations. Ill be using the same 8.5" or 9" X 18" and I was going to use the KW V3's to try and get a softer ride out of it. The V1's have fixed shock settings (as I'm sure you all know) I might try lighter springs. I know I won't have much in the way of suspension travel. Don't really need it in my neighbourhood. Roads are all new and smooth. The 325 Xit is a slug so it better look cool or why the fudge am I driving it?

Pics will be up shortly.

Oh yeah car looks good too. Nice job, blazed the trail for others to follow.

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