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Well I no longer have the wagon. As usual, I made on payment on it and something else came through the dealership here that I HAD TO HAVE! Back tot he topic at hand though, the car rode great IMO. I have had many a lowered car and none of them rode a nice as this one. Was it alot stiffer then stock? Yes. Could you have a drink in the cupholder and not blast it out all over the interior over big bumps? Yes I could. It wasn't nearly as harsh as several people claimed it would be. The first trip out on the V1's I was happier then a pig in **** because of how stiff it wasn't. It felt very simliar to the new Infiniti G37 suspension. I personally wouldn't see a need for v3's unless you were tracking and specifically needed to adjust the shocks, but just an appearance purpose only the v1's were PLENTY soft to cruise on. Here is a pic of how she ended up just before swapping it out.

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