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"I was born on a cold December morning at a low income hospital on Chicago Ave in big time Minneapolis. I was so ugly when I was born the doctor slapped my parents. I grew up in a small town in Northern Mn called Parkers Prairie where the population always stay's the same, every time a kid is born some guy leaves town.

I met the guy's from Salamander Army through a friend. We played two gigs. One at a coffee shop and one in Dave's basement, know as the kegger. Although Mike moved on, they couldn't shake me that easily. We tried out many bass players and none of them really worked out. I stuck around until Nick had a meltdown possibly provoked by me, and left us without a drummer. "

That's so funny! Everyone wants to be a comedian, I guess! LOL You weren't born on December 2 by any chance, were you?

Anyway, I'm sure that Japanese Girls band is better than they sounded to me...and House of the Rising Sun is a great I'd like to hear their version of it!

You make it out this way, I'll definitely come out...and if you let me know in advance, I'll pitch your show during my show...if I get any more!
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