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did you reset your adaptation after you put the new tune?
This is on the list of things to try. Is there a way to do this that doesn't involve a trip to the dealer?

[QUOTE]Saw the First VIDEO. I would get a Wideband gauge to show u what is going on. When u restart do u get a cloud of black smoke?[QUOTE]

I'm getting a wide band; I was hopeful that with the plug and play nature of the kit that I wouldn't need it. But now I'm nervous and want one for sure I'm going to order the stealth mirror AEM guages; probably take a week or two - have to see if I can borrow one in the mean time. There do not appear to be any clouds of smoke (like it's running way way rich).

I don't think it's a bad O2 - it runs fine up top and I'm pulling no codes. If my O2 was bad it would run like crap all over the place I think.

Thanks for the leads guys. Seems to be check the AFR's
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