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Originally Posted by CollinsE90 View Post
You're not going to want to hear this but I'll just say it. She sounds like she has the typical issue of wanting to control her man, without having the same done to her. She didn't tell you because she knew it wasn't appropriate, but she selfishly did it anyway. Sounds like she isn't sure what she wants with the two of you and starting to make her way towards the single life. There's nothing you can do at this point but hold your ground and hope for the best. Don't waste too much time if she isn't putting the same amount of effort into it. They'll say one thing, but they think entirely different. It's one thing to have a tru****l relationship, and I understand that. But, her not wanting you at the strip club tells me if she truly was secure enough to allow that, she would've told you everything before the party happened out of mutual respect. She just wants to do what she wants to do, and you can't stop it.

Good luck man, but I personally don't see it working until she drastically changes, and people usually don't change.
Thank you. Believe me, I tell myself the same thing and know the chances of what you said being exactly what happens/is happening.

She's not really the "party" girl that I made her out to be. Although, we all know how college can change a person like that. I'm confident she wants to be with me, we've both had issues in our past that we've talked about that put us on an emotional level that is hard to find in a couple. While she's still very young (18,) she's a first-generation American from Latin America... we typically get married younger and the woman are extremely committed and faithful. I'm 22 and I'm extremely passionate and I don't cheat like many men in my family and culture.

I'm not really worried about what she does when she's away at school, we've seen each other at a minimum every other weekend. I just don't want her to get comfortable and forget that she has something back at home... I told her she can't become complacent or too comfortable with our relationship... especially since right now its long distance. But I also have to realize I've been through the college experience, she hasn't. I need to let her experience it on her own and grow... I just need to remember that I can't always be there with her every step of the way.

At the same time, I have to remember that she is not my ex and that I cannot have a preconceived notion that she wants/will want to leave me for college/the single life. That's not healthy for a relationship nor is it fair to her. At the end of the day, the only person's happiness I'm concerned about is my own. All I can do is be honest with her and hope she does the same. If it works out, beautiful... if not I know I put my share of the effort into it.

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