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Give it time to dry fully before taking it off (~20mins) and put on very thin layers or you'll get some parts of the paint looking darker than other parts like a shadow effect... Make sure your paint is in good condition - no dirt, debris and remove oxidation, clay if needed, you could polish/compound if applicable the whole nine yards..). I usually wax around twice a week but thats just me. The layer of wax lasts a good while ~ 4-5 months as tested on my moms DD. The actual product lasts even longer since you need only dispense a small bit to go over a fairly large distance. I have about half remaining since May of this year when I bought it waxing one-two times a week since then, applying two coats during each waxing session.... it doesnt stain trim, and I use it on everything from wheels, to windows and headlights/taillights.

I dont have IR or an e46 but I have applied this on a couple of my buddies' cars, mostly darker colored and have an exceptional gloss. GL....

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