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Originally Posted by Sentaruu View Post
college life is very stressful on long distance relationships. i was basically in the same position as you 6 years ago with my ex gf. i was a couple of years older and she was a freshman in college. we had went to high school together and spent ALOT of time together so the sudden seperation was a bit much at first. we learned to deal with it after a few weeks and for the rest of her freshman year it was great, she was having a good time and we saw each other every other weekend or so. i was working alot so it didnt matter. **** actually took a turn for the worse when she came home for summer. it was akward spending time together. she had changed. she wasnt the same girl when she started her freshman year. we ended up breaking up that summer which was better for both of us. the long distance sucked and to constantly be wondering what eachother was doing was very taxing on the relationship.
Yeah, one of my girl friend's went through freshman year with her now ex (long distance relationship) and they handled it fine. When they came back and spent the summer together is when they realized they wanted to break up. Shiits crazy.

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