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Originally Posted by TiAg2247 View Post
I stopped reading after you said she was 18.

Not to be rude or blunt, but girls/women don't know their head from their ass when it comes to relationships/what they REALLY want/self-identity/etc til at least their early twenties. Ofcourse there can be exceptions, but I've yet to see or hear of one myself.

You're young, handle it at your maturity level and hope for the best. You already said you know the odds, but you won't believe them because you're blindly involved in this situation, duh. We all do it.

Good luck!
I second that. Although I understand Latino culture (sheeit I was in a latino Frat in college), you gotta understand that living away at college and being surrounded by mainstream american culture is quite provocative.

You also seemed to set yourself up by giving her the silent treatment. If a girl isn't getting male attention from her man, she'll look for it somewhere else. So be careful with that tactic. Especially since you're long-distance.

Regardless of all this...what are you doing tying yourself down at 22? I thought you were running through tons of chicks from your older posts...?
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