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XXR Offers wheels in those sizes and plenty of different offsets. They are cheap wheels but I've had quite a few sets and I definitely don't "grandma drive" my cars. I drive them "spiritedly" but use my brain as well. I didn't feel any bouncing with the v1's if I was above about 2mph. I'd maybe feel a very slight bounce over small bumps at a creeping idle speed. I didn't strengthen anything besides hose clamping the front boots. I had the car in the air probably once a week checking for grease and after a couple months I still hadn't seen any coming out. I know some guys were advising to add strut tower bracing etc.. I suppose I cannot speak for the long run since I only owned mine in it's lowered state for about 3 months. I personally think BMW makes a much more solid chassis car then say a Honda or Toyota and if every 16yr old out there can slam their civic to the bumpstops and drive it for years that way without the struts pushing through the towers, I would certainly HOPE a BMW could. That's just my opinion and as you can see from earlier in the thread plenty of people felt otherwise and flamed.
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