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Yeah, it was sad to read this thread. I am new to BMW's and new to this forum and wasn't expecting the reaction I saw over one person's preference in automobile style. I could say a lot of the same silly things about a 1000 whp Horsepower Freaks car. 1000hp, and RWD anything is silly especially on the street with anything less than R Compound tires. But people do it, hell if I could get away with it and had the money to burn I would too. I'm sure the people on this board would condone that. What people don't understand is we're all in the same boat. We're all here because we love our cars and enjoy the power of the community when it comes to understanding them and modifying them. I'm no engineer but maybe someone here is and with his help I can make my car better for me. Thanks for your help! Would anyone else like to chime in regarding the long-term effects and precautions/mods I should make to keep the cars integrity. Anyone else have wheel suggestions?

What else did you change out other than just adding the coil overs? Camber plates? It looks like your alignment was spot on so tire wear should not be a concern. I am planning on daily driving this car and want it reliable and safe.

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