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Those should fit just fine. I literally didn't do anything besides bolt on the coilovers and wheels. I had the car aligned and had the fortunate situation of being able to stand next to the guy (friend) as he was aligning it on a Hunter lift. He dialed everything in as best as he could. The toe went spot on, the caster was spot on and the camber obviously remained a couple degrees negative even at it's max out. Apparently the ergonomics ended up being pretty damn spot on for an autocross car or something along those lines even though that wasn't neccessarily what I needed. I had no spacers, no camber plates and no fender rolling/puling. You could go even wider on the wheels if it wasn't for the front strut housing. I tried the lime green 10" wide wheels and they were about 1/4" too wide and rubbed the strut housing. I'd venture to guess if you went a tad lower offset like 20 or so, 9.5" wide wheel and got a very mild fender roll you'd have an even more flush look then mine was.
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