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I challenge you to look at the big picture and turn this into something big. You can take this idea to Kickstarter and I'm sure tons of people will support you with funding.
What you're proposing is putting a $150-$200 android tablet (think Google Nexus 7 or the newly released Nook 7" tablet) into a din slot and integrating it professionally. I'm sure with the proper funding, you can get this done right and make $$$$ for yourself, while keeping the price to under $400 or so (definitely not going to cost $800). It's just a matter of integrating is professionally.

It would be a HUGE win for both you and everyone out there wishing for a better android unit in their car. What do you say!!

Originally Posted by m3evolution View Post
No none of the hardware buttons on the Dynavin including the steering wheel buttons will work on the android side. None of the hardware buttons can communicate with the Android side it will only work on the radio side.

Im currently building a new system (not Dynavin) for my buddy's M3 that you can control Android just as you described with the steering wheel buttons. He was thinking of getting the D99 Dynavin or the Enco but read about all the problems both of those system has and decided not to buy either one.

Heres a list of features in my new custom system that im building:
  • Can be built for All BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Acura, Lexus and other brands.
  • OEM Factory look
  • Steering wheel buttons control of Android and HD radio. (you can remap the buttons to whatever function you want in Android)
  • Compatable with practically all 3G USB modem available
  • Wifi 802.11N that connects and stays connected (None of that Froyo wifi disconnect problems)
  • No need for extra bluetooth adapter its all built in and working perfectly (it pairs And shows connected)
  • Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich upgradeable to the new Jellybean
  • Instant on (zero boot time)
  • Sunlight viewable
  • 7" multi-touch capacitive touchscreen (Dynavin has single touch resistive)
  • 1.3ghz Dual Core Processor (stock Dynavin has a single core 500mhz)
  • 1GB of RAM memory (Dynavin has 256mb)
  • 8GB internal flash drive (Dynavin has 256mb)
  • optional extra storage of 100GB+
  • GPS fast satellite fix
  • Natual human sounding navigation TTS voice guidance (no more 1970's robot voice)
  • You can use any and all available navigation apps from Android Market
  • Beats Audio
  • Optional built in 3G/4G modem
  • Optional built in phone that you can make calls directly from your system. You will need a cell account to activate this.

If you are interested in a custom build for your car please email me your Make/Model year of your car and if it has any premium factory stereo already installed. Also include what options and features you would like in your custom build.
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