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What kind of HU is it? Does it have 2 blue wires? One solid blue and one blue/white? This is a common mistake. The solid blue is the power antenna lead, and the blue/white is your amplifier remote turn on. When you turn on the "radio" or the tuner source of the HU, the HU tells the power antenna to go up to get better reception. Since you have that lead to your amps, it turns them on when your tuner is selected as the source. The power antenna does not need to be up when you are listening to a cd or pandora from your iphone, so the blue antenna lead does not turn on, and in turn your amps don't either. So IMO, NO, your remote wire is not hooked up correctly.

If you double check and you do in fact have the blue/white wire hooked up, then let me know and we can tackle this issue without a doubt.

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