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Originally Posted by kuksul08 View Post
I went with my uncle last year and he handled it just fine, I'm sure you could do it. It had been a whole year since I rode MTB at all, and it reminded me just how sketchy and dangerous it is.
OK, I'll go. But you lead. I'm not interested in being your next GoPro super slow mo over-the-bars subject. LOL

Originally Posted by kuksul08 View Post
I have a couple friends who raced it, I could never do it. The longest stretch I did was the whole third divide to the road without stopping and it pretty much killed me. You can even see me stretching my fingers in the beginning of the vid cause it hurt so bad, and this was near the beginning.
I know that feel, bro. See my previous post about Mt Pinos. There were such long downhills on that my hands were KILLING me. I had to stop to rest them. Not my legs, or butt, or lungs. My friggin' hands. If someone had voice operated brakes, I'd have paid a pretty penny for them at that point.

Did Tour de Cure in Orange County today. This was their first year, but I think they did a pretty good job. They had some conflicts between the website and their emails about starting times for the various routes. But once we got to the starting line event this am, they did a pretty good job of telling everyone where to be when.

One route option was a combo road ride and mountain bike ride. I signed up for that, so did the 20 mile road route and 10 mile mountain bike route. I figured that would be pretty popular, but it turned out that of the few hundred riders they had today, only 1 other guy besides me opted for the combo.

Anyway, the 20 mile road ride was hilly, but well laid out and through some nice areas. It was supposed to be hot today, but we got lucky with some cloud cover and a little breeze for most of the road ride.

Took me about 2 hours to do the road ride, swapped shoes and bikes and did the mountain bike ride in a little over an hour.

The 10 mile mtb route was basically just an out-and-back on a dirt road. There was some bumpiness along the way, but nothing wild. Actually, the only hairy parts were the spots where the sand was deep and loose. Thankfully there were some good long stretches in the shade of trees, because by the time I was riding the mtb route, it had gotten HOT. The 20 mile mtb route incorporated some climbs up the ridge, some of which I rode a few weeks ago. After 2 hours on the road bike, I was glad for a cakewalk mtb ride.

The finish line event was cool, good sammiches, free six pack of some all natural 0 cal soda I've never heard of before.

I actually wasn't going to do this ride cuz it's a little over an hour drive from me. But I recently found out that my neighbor's 10ish year old son was diagnosed as diabetic. The day before his mom told me that, I had "fixed" his bike for him (meaning I put air in the tires and adjusted the brakes) and when his friend showed up later that day, I overheard him telling his friend "that guy's like the best bike rider ever". Which I'm not, but it's touching that he thinks that of me. So anyway, I decided to do the ride and make a small contribution to ADA through Tour de Cure.

In before coolstorybro.

Google Earth, note that N is to the top left corner. The uneven "V" shape on the far left is the mtb route. The road route consists of the two loops linked by the single line.

Garmin showing elevation and speed. The road route is the first 20.5ish miles, the up/down from 21 to the end is the mtb route.
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