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Originally Posted by aahmed2016 View Post
**** if thats it, then I can do this before the weekend is over. It won't flicker will it? I read a few posts about people saying after a swap, their headlights/ taillights started flickering on and off. But if it's only the fused bulb light coming on the dash, I'll do it!
Did you even search about this stuff?
Practically every step has been covered in may be 100 threads here in this forum.
I never ask anyone to search for an answer, but you are asking the same question again and again.

I am going to tell you again, yes they are 100% swappable. 4 screws per headlight.
You will need to code your cars to xenon to make them work properly.

The lights will flicker and your ballasts will probably wont last long with improperly coded LCM.

you can get it coded at the dealer or use PA soft or any other bmw coding softwares like INPA and all. You can spend $80 at the dealers to code one thing or have PA soft for $32.

The seller is even a sponsor for this site I believe. Now I leave the searching of the seller to you. Just as a hint: I bought my PA soft tool for $45 off ebay from a US seller because I needed it sooner for the xenon coding.

PA soft bmw scanner 1.4 works with all e46, 99-06. pre 01 cars will need a circular 20 pin to OBD port adapter. Your car being 01 will have OBD port under the steering wheel next to your left knee.

PS: do not put the xenons till you have coding system ready. Why would you want to risk your perfectly working xenons and LCM just because you were impatient.

Ask in the regional forum if someone has the software and can code your car. It will take 2 minutes max.
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