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Originally Posted by benzovs View Post
Thats cool. I bought the key without the remote on ebay from a seller out of Illinois for a total of $12. It came with a "virgin transponder pellet" thats what they called it. Since I was using it for my remote start key, I didn't need the remote. But to get it programmed cost me $120. I didn't even go through the dealer. I called up a bunch of locksmiths until I found one who had the equipment to cut and program the key. I should have just programmed it and not cut it now that I think about it. Anyways, that ak90 deal is a good investment if you plan on programming some keys. Thanks for the info.
Yeah no prob. $120? Ouch, but I guess even for a grand total of $132 + tax, it's better than a dealership price. Wait, non remote? Maybe more than dealership but I'd rather give my money to a small business than bmw any day. They just raped me for $400 for a fuel pump today. I could've gotten one online for half the price but would've waited up to another 5 days days to get it. I couldn't wait that long while my baby was out of commission.
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