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I would rather do it myself. If you are paying a shop to install an AFE intake, then you are soon going to go broke driving an e46.
Now, I do love the feeling of fixing something myself for $60. Hell, I almost get a boner when that happens. Paying an Indy shop $400 to do so is an anti-boner. A soft-on, basically.
If you see my car in an Indy shop it is either because I am working 90 hours a week, I am too sick to work on it, or I have hit something that I can not repair. In any of these cases, I will be pissed, angry, and suspicious of anything that breaks on my car for the next six months. I will also have a less than comfortable feeling about the work done, and will be wondering just what shortcuts they took that I would not have taken if I did it myself.
I will also not trust a single part they installed, unless I handed it to them, which is exactly what I do.
There is no such thing as a trusted shop. If my own father ran a shop, I would still feel the same way.
But, I am sure they smile when you come walking in!

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