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Originally Posted by SamDoe1 View Post
Fixed. <- See I know what that means.

No one is telling you what questions to ask, all I did was request that you type like an educated person who can properly communicate with the human race. If you're going to ask dumb questions that have been answered two million times then expect to get a smart ass answer in return.

I don't know or care to know you if you're going to act like an internet tough guy, until you're ready to contribute some meaningful advice to this forum I suggest you shut it and learn something "about bmws" instead of acting like a 16 year old moron (unless you are...yeah you probably are).

Also, not a pointless lecture. You should see the way everyone else communicates.
wtf thats ur response i put up pictures of my car and ask questions about it in a thread i started and u start talking about the way i type, how i should type things out fully and the questions i ask. Why are u even giving a f*** about that s***

if all i want to do is post a thread about my bmw, ask questions about my bmw, post pictures of my bmw and then from time to time check on my thread to see if anyone has replied to anything i have posted........well then hate to burst ur bubble thats what im gunna, do like i said b4 i dont care what u think ur not the voice of everyone who uses this forum. Maybe ur having ur period thats why ur over analyzing things and wasting time talking about ur stupid problem with the way i type . I thought this was a E46 forum u must be lost
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