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Thanks Kubica for that info, I checked that blog tech link at bav auto, but I'm ruling the Secondary Air Pump and its related parts out at this time BECAUSE I DO NOT have any SAP Codes being thrown, only have the 4 O2 Sensor Codes listed above AND the post-cst O2 Sensors are the original ones with 128,000 miles on them. The SAP really only runs for a short period of time (maybe up to 5 minutes or so) when the engine is started up cold and is used to inject more air into the exhaust for more complete burning of the hydro-carbons coming out of the exhaust system and the SAP has its own set of codes if not working/working correctly. I will be checking the vacuum hoses related to the SAP just to make sure none are cracked, though.
BTW, bav auto also has a nice tech blog listing quite a few of the common fault codes which can be a good reference.
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