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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
It's probably not the output shaft seal. And, if it is, I'm sure it's a very slow leak.

Clean up the bottom and drive. Then look with a good flashlight, like my favorite, the xl50!

Seriously, we don't know where the leak(s) are from and thus can't guess what it would cost...but it'd be a good deal more than what you could fix it for. Truth is, once you identify source of leak, you might not 'need' to do anything.

But, to give you an example, a post just today came in...the guy was quoted almost a $1000 for oil filter housing (maybe the gasket only)...still, that's $600 for what you could do in a couple of hours....first diy, maybe 4-5 hours worst case.

CCV is a horrible 4 hour diy too, but everyone here seems to manage it.

Oil filter cap is a 5 minute repair and that could be all it is...the 0-ring in the wrong place, or by mistake, doubled up.

We not that magical here...we don't know the source and thus can't guess a cost...though I would guess it's not what you think. Don't forget, oil drips down and then blows back. It could be from anywhere, really.

Just bought xl50 flashlight thanks!
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