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Originally Posted by MJLavelle View Post
The CCV is the Crankcase Ventilation Valve. But that is not exactly a correct name, since it is not just the valve that causes issues, but all of the hoses as well. So it is the Crankcase Ventilation System - the valve, and all of the extra hoses associated with it. You may know this as the PCV valve, except BMW has developed a much more complicated version of that $8 valve, and the $2 hose connected to it. The BMW system compares to a PCV system like a paper airplane compares to a B2 Bomber. It is infinitely more complex and expensive.

The VCG is the Valve Cover Gasket. This is the gasket that fits between the large plastic cover on your engine, and the engine block. On my old 68 Firebird, the previous owner had made a set of VCG's out of cardboard, and they lasted for 60k miles. You can not do that on a BMW. It is a $40-$60 gasket, and 15 grommets that are about $.60 each, if you buy them online.

Now, I suggest you read a lot more, and avoid threads where people ask about stains on their driveway as a way to find an oil leak. For all we know, one of those spots was where the neighbors dog took a dump.
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