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Originally Posted by jpark74 View Post
I challenge you to look at the big picture and turn this into something big. You can take this idea to Kickstarter and I'm sure tons of people will support you with funding.
What you're proposing is putting a $150-$200 android tablet (think Google Nexus 7 or the newly released Nook 7" tablet) into a din slot and integrating it professionally. I'm sure with the proper funding, you can get this done right and make $$$$ for yourself, while keeping the price to under $400 or so (definitely not going to cost $800). It's just a matter of integrating is professionally.

It would be a HUGE win for both you and everyone out there wishing for a better android unit in their car. What do you say!!
I would love to see something like that come to light. Considering I've had my D99 for less than a year, I'm actually very disappointed. The only reason I keep going is because of M3Evo's ROMs. I really only use 2 apps on Android: Mixzing and NavFree, and I almost never use the WinCE side, except when the phone rings or I'm in reverse. I could complain some more, but it comes down to 3 major gripes: 1) The resistive touch screen is a joke, 2) the hardware was 3 years old the moment the D99 came out, 3) There's no support or bug fixes from Dynavin's staff.

Anyway, I actually came on with a question. I'm not sure which ROM I have, at the moment, I can only see that the image file on my SD card is from April 2, 2012, it's probably 1.2. I noticed that my programs and even my launcher, seem to be a bit forgetful about 25% of the time. When I start my car and open up Mixzing Player, I sometimes get welcome and tips screens as if this is my first time running the app, it forgets all of my settings. Same thing happened with poweramp, which I no longer use. NavFree is doing it, as well, I click the icon and it says "installing, please wait." Every once in a while, the launcher even forgets if I want the default launcher or Launcher EX.
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