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Originally Posted by danwilz View Post
I still wont buy an android product but you all cant tell me especially those who have had a 4 or 4s this phone is nothing build wise as its predecessor.

One of my old co-workers called me to say that they got an iPhone 5. I was so happy for her because for the past 8yrs I had been painstakingly looking for a phone for her. Most of the Motorola Razr phones claimed that they could talk but that feature was only for announcing who's number was selected in the Contacts. Samsung has some features but it takes so long to navigate. You would be better off handing your phone to someone else. So, Apple has been bridging that gap for years. On the Macs the VoiceOver feature rocks. They have it in the iPhones too since day one. Now it's even better with Siri. I played around with it in the Apple store to see if it would pick up in a loud room. Yup! it was on point. The visually impaired can also use braille type and send to a braille printer.

When you turn on VoiceOver on your iPhone it gives you more swiping features. I thought it was cool that you can use the 3 finger swipe or a thumb swipe to navigate. I know some people will say that they don't need these features. imo that puts the iPhone 5 ahead of any mobile phone to date.

I played with the Map app last night and remembered something. The old Map App messed up too. On both I tried to go to a friends house that is over 25yrs old, which shouldn't be an issue. Well on both maps it gave me the wrong info. #imjustsayin
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