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Originally Posted by Rockyminator View Post
Thanks Bdave, I appreciate it. I try to keep the mods as clean as possible, even the lip I chose carefully. My next mod will probably be 6766 paired with the AEM Infinity when it arrives (definitely want wheel speed based TC). Care to join me? .
Oh YES! I want speed based TC for sure! I will do the new AEM when I see ALL the bugs are worked out. I cant afford it right this minute anyways. I will enjoy and "get by" with what I have and be fine with all the newness. I will get tired of buying tires eventually. At least the AEM Inf will help pay for itself in rear tire savings.

Yeah, the 6766 is a hard to beat for a better combination of spool and power.
You will be up there with the big boys in power as well as looks. Cool.
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