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New Fuel Filter = better performance?

Okay, I may be crazy but...

My fuel pump left the party instantly when I went to leave a parking garage the other day. It would crank - start - die, crank - start - die. Then no start. I yanked the rear seat and had a helper turn the key where I could hear nothing with my ear on the pump location.

I got lazy and had it towed to my Indy who was closer then my house and thought whatever, let them deal with it. The diagnosis was a DOA pump but he suggested I should have the filter changed as well. Why not? I had neglected it now at 80K miles.

So $500 later I get her back. The strange thing is, I swear the car runs better now! The off idle and mid-range throttle response is clearly more responsive. I have driven it a week now and the same route I take every day is a great test with on ramps and long, steep hills. The car runs like I added a mini super charger.

Could the fuel filter actually make that much of a difference? I know it has a pressure regulator built in that may play into this. If this is plausible, I highly recommend you lazy guys (like me) jerk that old filter and possibly restore lost ponies. The stupid filter is around $100 so be prepared.
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