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Originally Posted by Cipri View Post
Yes, it is 5 mm material. In the future it will take more than 0,6 bar

I'm preparing for next year championship, what do you guys think:
- about the K Sport Drag Race Coilovers
- maximum 17" Hoosier D.O.T. Drag Radials I can fit in the back?
- are there any front drag rims which can fit current brakes?

Best bet in drag rims are the GTO spare tire rim in 17 inch. They fit right on our BMW'as with no adapters. You can even use them with BBK if you space them out far enough. See this thread. I know its for a Corvette, but other than the adapter, the rest the principles are the same for our BMW's. We are close (enough) to the same weight etc, so dont turn you nose up just because the information comes from a different brand car. It matters not a whit. We dont need an adapter just a spacer big enough to clear what ever brakes we are using. Our stock brakes may not need ANY spacer. Dont know. The thread talks about front radial tires too.

You have to be careful with 315 series tires in 17 inch. Some will fit like the Nitto drag radials. Others like the MT's (I think) are wider than the Nittos and might be beyond regular fender rolling capabilities. You DO have put a serious roll in to get 315's to fit. Even 295's in some brands can be very tight. Either one should be great for drag tire. Maybe somebody knows about the Hoosier 315mm drag radials. If they are not much wider than the Nitto 555r's then they will fit and be great. Some think the Hoosier is the best Drag Radial available..even better than the great Mickey Thompsons. You cant go wrong with either one. You need to check. 295mm MIGHT be the biggest Hoosier you can fit with out major fender surgery. Definitely go for the 315's if you can make them fit.

Good luck! Please dont forget to show us your final set up. That will be most interesting.

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