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Originally Posted by Jesse M View Post
You definitely could and that is my second option if I can't figure this out. I'm currently trying to source one online somewhere. You can't just buy the controller though; you have to buy the entire fan assembly. :/
I have figured out how to bypass or activate fan with out the speed control unit but it run at one speed with no problem ive had it like that for over a year. my fan got stuck on was killing my battery so it had power so what i did was cut the 12v wire and tied in a $10 relay the relay allows the cumputer to turn the fan on when u turn the key so the fan is always on but cant hurt anything the wire i choose to flip on the relay was the wire that people use to turn on angel eyes from dme u can find info on angel eyes diy
i have pics of fan reay but have not posted hit me up if u need help
i think i have figured out a cheaperway than buying a fan in need to make up a diy.
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