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Check out this thread for replacing the oil filter housing gasket.


Did this recently on my X3 and have the gasket to repeat on my 330. Simple enough except for removing the alternator. I could not figure out how to get it out until I found a YouTube video showing how to use a crowbar to ease it out. Took 10 seconds to remove with that information. I'll try and find that link.

Pretty common leak, and everyone seems to have problems with the alternator. The nut on the alternator compresses a bit when the bolt is tightened which holds it firmly in place. You also need to force the bolt out a bit before replacing the alternator otherwise installation is also frustrating.

Other than that it's a simple fix. Be sure to get a couple of crush washers for the oil hose that goes from the back of the housing to the vanos. I recommend removing the hose from the back of the housing rather than the vanos because the only way to get a torque wrench on the vanos bolt is to remove the thermostat.
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