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Hey, Man!

First, you said you're not sure about PS fluid...check the level and condition while you're at it. Should be able to see a small screw at bottom of reservoir...should be up to the second fine line when cold.

Look under PS reservoir...could be gasket, or both hoses. If larger hose, trim off a bit and reclamp using screw clamp...same for bottom of that hose on pump.

Follow the PS system around too...but you won't find a source with all that mess...so try engine degreaser and get it cleaned up better.

Common leaks are ofhg...ccv...vcg. Sometimes vanos oil line...replace if doing ofhg. Sometimes an incorrect placement of the oil filter cap o-ring.

Monitor levels of fluids accurately...in a.m. on level ground...or at least the 'same' ground, so you can notice if you are losing anything.

Usually leaks aren't horrible things, you know...besides the embarrassment, of course, and you need to keep the level proper until you fix them.

Also, it usually is either oil or PS fluid, but with that mess, when you clean things up, be sure to look for cooling leaks too.

I don't know what you have or have not done, but those are the 'main' sites we seem to leak from that I know of.
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