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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
First, you have a known issue with fan/shroud, so take care of that and see what you get.

You can also use a hose as stethoscope and listen yourself. I use a 5' section of 1" d flexible electrical conduit from HD and it works great...just be careful around moving things.

Also, check your belt from the side to see that it's square across all the pulleys.

If the wp is wobbling, it could be internal to the wp, or it could be motor mounts.

If you do replace wp, I'd suggest you consider doing more with your cooling system if you haven't done anything else on it...therm, hoses, ET... I like low-hanging fruit...which is why I'll leave it to Mango's sticky thread to 'pitch' cooling system work to you! LOL
Your a good man Dmax! I wasn't able to take the fan back off today (spent all day doing a tune-up) but I will sometime this week get it back off and check it out to see what's going on. Thinking about taking the car by a BMW mechanic tomorrow and letting him listen to the noise and see what he thinks it could be. The noise is most obvious when listening through the kidneys so I really think it's something water pump/fan clutch related though I just replaced the latter back in June. Is there a possibility that its bad? There seems to be a lot more fan movement than there should be and the fan almost looks unbalanced at times.
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